Ice Cube says Lakers fans should give Dwight Howard ‘a clean slate’

Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect

Ice Cube has been a Los Angeles Lakers fan his entire life, and so he’s well aware of the back-and-forth drama that occurred between the organization and Dwight Howard.

The former (and now current) Lakers big man is back with Los Angeles, and everyone is hoping it goes much better than the lone season Howard spent with the team back in 2012-13.

That includes Cube, who says that Lakers fans should give Howard “a clean slate” as he tries to help LeBron James and Anthony Davis get deep into the Western Conference finals this season.

As for what happened with the “Now This Is Going To Be Fun” Lakers? That’s all in the past, according to Cube.

Via LA Times:

“I think Los Angeles should give Dwight a clean slate and let his game speak for itself,” he said. “If he can help, it’ll show and if he can’t, it’ll show. I would love for him to concentrate on what he does best — rebound, defense, blocked shots and lob dunks. If he can do that, Dwight will be all right. I’m not even going to think about the first go around. That’s in the past.”

If I had to guess, Lakers fans will start out a loving Howard as the season begins. They sort of don’t have any other choice given the lack of depth in the frontcourt for Los Angeles.

Howard is supposed to be coming back in better physical condition, which is great given how limited he’s been in staying on the floor thanks to various physical ailments as he’s gotten on in age. If he can stay on the court, Howard’s numbers will likely prove pretty useful. If not, it will be like everything else in Lakerland, and he could quickly become a scapegoat.

The Lakers are not going to be a contender this year. Anyone telling you otherwise is getting their hopes up, and apparently didn’t watch last season. LeBron is still great, but the likelihood for injury between he and Davis is extremely high. With the star power in the rest of the Western Conference, the Lakers just come up short.

In any case, and as always, Los Angeles is going to be a reality show of a team and it will be entertaining to watch no matter what. Hopefully for Howard’s sake, he’ll be able to come in, contribute, and duck any serious criticism. That might be the best-case scenario for the former All-Star.