Athletics closer says he’s happy Warriors are moving to San Francisco


The Golden State Warriors are decamping Oakland for San Francisco. This change has come to the dismay of many in the Bay Area who believe that it’s yet another blow to a team that’s been so inundated with tech money, many fans aren’t able to attend games due to ticket prices.

But at least one person in the sports realm will be happy to see Golden State move across the water. Speaking to The Athletic this week, Oakland Athletic’s closer Liam Hendriks said that there has been some bad blood between the Warriors and the A’s since the former became a world-class organization.

Via The Athletic:

“I don’t follow the Warriors,” Hendriks said of the A’s wildly popular ex-neighbors. “They treated us like shit over here so we don’t care for them much.”

His reasons have nothing to do with the on-court product.

“When the Warriors sucked and the A’s were good, the A’s would give them tickets,” he said. “When the Warriors became good they decided to cut all ties and become assholes. So, no love lost for them leaving.”

Hendriks recalled with a laugh: “I got told I’m not as important as a player for the A’s as a fan for the Warriors is by a Warriors security guard. He wouldn’t let us out of the F Lot. We’re trying to get out and he wouldn’t let us out.”

You in a couple of championships and all of a sudden you go all big time on everyone.

No word yet from the Warriors about what kind of handshake agreement they had with the Athletics, but Hendriks isn’t going to be attending any Warriors games when they eventually move to the chase Center in San Francisco at the start of the 2019-20 NBA season.