Report: Ex-girlfriend alleges DeMarcus Cousins threatened, ‘I’m going to make sure I put a bullet in your f—ing head’

Stacy Revere/BIG3 via Getty Images

Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins got married Saturday.

Friday, he allegedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, Christy West, after she said their 7-year-old son couldn’t attend the wedding.

TMZ has audio West claims is a call between her and Cousins:


Christy has since filed court docs in Alabama seeking a restraining order against Cousins claiming he ALSO told her that he was going to kill her, “even if he didn’t have to get his hands dirty doing it.”

In the court docs, Christy also claims Cousins had choked her during a previous incident — but she didn’t provide any specific details.

Both the NBA and Lakers released statements saying they are looking into the matter:

If Cousins said and did these things, it’s obviously completely unacceptable.

Threats of domestic violence could even be enough to end his NBA career. Some teams have long resisted the temperamental Cousins. He faced a cold market in free agency this summer. Like it or not, the reality is stars get more leeway. After another significant injury, Cousins is further than ever from favored status.

Police are investigating, according to TMZ. Hopefully, they find the truth.