Mike Scott urges 76ers fans to boo the s— out of Jimmy Butler: ‘I’m going to boo with y’all’

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Jimmy Butler is the NBA’s vagabond star.

That has left hard feelings between him and many others. You just can’t move and get moved so often without feathers being ruffled.

What should 76ers fans think of Butler?

He left Philadelphia for the Heat this summer. There are mixed reports about how hard the 76ers tried to keep him. By signing-and-trading Butler, Philadelphia got a good player in Josh Richardson and preserved cap space to sign Al Horford.

Mike Scott, who re-signed with the 76ers, has a clear answer.

Zach Gelb of CBS Sports:

Scott is clearly having fun with this. There’s no resentment for Butler the person, just Butler the character in the NBA’s drama. The character is a villain in Philadelphia. Butler helped the 76ers last season, but not enough that fans would feel more grateful than spurned.

So, Butler will probably get booed – especially because of Scott’s encouragement.

And Butler, the competitor he is, will probably love it.