Blazers unveil throwback 1977 championship uniforms (PHOTOS)

Bruce Ely of Portland Trail Blazers

It was pretty obvious what the Portland Trail Blazers were going to do with their jerseys this season. The team announced a throwback floor for their 50th anniversary recently, and soon after added a bike ride with none other than Bill Walton to the calendar of events this summer.

With many teams deciding to go retro this year, it was obvious that Portland was going to harken back to their 1977 look with a jersey this year after Walton was included in the festivities.

On Sunday, fans got to ride the parade route from the Blazers only championship, going from Veterans Memorial Coliseum on the east side of the Willamette River to a park downtown on the west side. Walton led the way via a bike, and when he got there the team unveiled what they had in store for us.

Via Twitter:

If you are into the vertical, retro swag, now the Blazers have something for you. I have no doubt that they are going to sell these things by the truckload this year.

The team will wear these “Classic” edition jerseys on Oct. 8 for a preseason matchup at Memorial Coliseum, and for five specific decade nights during the regular season.

What do you think? Does the retro look tickle your nostalgia bone?