Nets forward Wilson Chandler on DeMarcus Cousins: ‘People don’t take that quad injury serious enough’

Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

In Game 2 of the Warriors’ first-round series against the Clippers last season, DeMarcus Cousins suffered a quad injury. Golden State coach Steve Kerr said he thought it’d be season-ending.

But Cousins played and even played a big role in the NBA Finals.

Since, Cousins signed with the Lakers and reportedly tore his ACL while preparing for the upcoming season.

Nets forward Wilson Chandler on Twitter:

People don’t take that quad injury serious enough. I know first hand. Dealing with it now. You have to start from ground zero. No basketball, no conditioning. Let that [s—] completely heal. Then get it strong as possible. And all the muscles surrounding it. All the boring [s—].

If not you’ll keep re tearing it. And/or injuring other areas from over compensating.

After Kevin Durant got hurt, the Warriors have faced plenty of criticism for their handling of injuries. Did they rush back Cousins when they shouldn’t have?

Cousins now falls under the Lakers’ purview. Did they clear him to train when they shouldn’t have?

Cousins also has a responsibility to himself. Did he fail to properly protect himself from this latest injury?

Injuries are complicated. We can never know what would have happened if Cousins rested longer after his quad injury.

But it’s rare for another player to speak out like this. As he said, Chandler has plenty of experience with quad issues. We should at least consider his assessment of the situation.