Magic Johnson lists top 60 movies for his 60th birthday


Magic Johnson, weirdly, named wanting to be on Twitter as one of the reasons for him leaving his job at the head of the Los Angeles Lakers. It seems like it should have been a dream position for Magic, but alas he has decided to be Very Online instead.

So perhaps that explains a little bit about what happened this week. Or maybe not?

Johnson turns 60 years old on Wednesday, and for that momentous occasion he decided to give us a gift. Namely, Johnson decided to pick his top 60 films of all time. Why? We are still not sure.

Via Twitter:

This looks like a list of movies Magic Johnson would like made up by someone trying to make a joke about a list of movies Magic Johnson would like. Shaft is on there twice! XXX is on there, but To Kill A Mockingbird is not. I could go on.

Why is Magic using his 60th birthday to promote a very specific listicle? I have no idea. Keep ‘em coming, I guess. If there’s anything the internet likes, it’s opinions about art we can scream about until we turn blue.