Nate Robinson hits game-winner, Glen Davis catches him (VIDEO)


Glen Davis and Nate Robinson are now playing in Ice Cube’s Big3. The summer basketball league has produced some great highlights over its first few seasons, and this weekend’s game-winning shot by Robinson will join the list.

During the final possession of the game between Tri State and Power, Robinson gave Davis a crossover that resulted in a look at an open 3-pointer. Davis, doing his best to recover, closed out on Robinson in a way that found Big Baby holding KryptoNate.

Via Twitter:

That ended up being the game-winning shot. One of the rules in the Big3 is that the first team to 50 wins.

It was a great basketball moment between Robinson and Davis. The pair were once teammates in the Association, both with the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers.

For now, it appears that Robinson has some bragging rights. Maybe once Davis’ ankles heal he can get ol’ Nate back.