Mark Cuban thinks Carmelo Anthony should be on Team USA


Should Carmelo Anthony be on the 2019 FIBA World Cup roster for Team USA? That’s the question that many have been asking as the American national team has worked through its scrimmages and cut and added players to its roster.

Carmelo apparently asked to be on Team USA, but Jerry Colangelo declined to put the aging veteran on the roster. Anthony is still without an NBA team at this juncture, and it’s not clear whether his career in the NBA is over. It’s thought that Anthony might be trying to use Team USA as a springboard into a trial with a new NBA team, which Team USA. Might be a distraction.

Meanwhile, at least one prominent NBA figure things that Anthony should be on Team USA. Speaking this week, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said that he believes that Anthony should be with the national team.

Via Twitter:

“There’s absolutely no reason for them not to have them on that team.

As long as he’s not walking in saying ‘I have to start, and I need X minutes’ … if he’s willing to earn his minutes, yeah he should absolutely be there.

What are they actually playing for now? This isn’t even the Olympics, and when the Olympics comes along, it’s going to be a substantially different team.

You’ve got a couple weeks over the summer. How much player development can you actually do?”

Much of Cuban’s points were centered around fact that Anthony would likely help the younger national team be able to win in the World Cup in China at the end of the month. Still, this is a chance for Team USA to mold some of its younger players into being organizational guys at the national level, and having a guy going for his own stats and auditioning as an ulterior motive might not play to that.

You can see both sides of the argument, but this is all predicated on the idea that Anthony can still play. We are not really sure of that, even if you were inclined to think of him as a team-leading veteran. Perhaps the Team USA guys just think that Anthony doesn’t have it anymore?

That’s certainly possible too.