Report: Hornets’ final offer to Kemba Walker was five years, $160M

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Kemba Walker is now a member of the Boston Celtics, replacing Kyrie Irving who went to the Brooklyn Nets with Kevin Durant.

The former Charlotte Hornets star point guard is going to have huge expectations heaped upon him (and his team) for the first time in his career. The Celtics are expected to be a challenger for the Finals in the Eastern Conference this season.

Money-wise, it seems like it made the most sense for Walker to stay in North Carolina. He was eligible for a $221 million supermax deal from the Hornets, but according to a recent report from Shams Charania, Charlotte never made that offer.

According to Charania, the biggest contract the Hornets sent to Walker was for five years at $160 million.

In addition, Walker did not have a conversation with Michael Jordan before he decided to sign with Boston.

Via The Athletic:

Walker said he did not have a final conversation with Hornets owner Michael Jordan, but understood the organization’s viewpoint.

“It’s not disappointing because I understand the business side of things,” Walker said. “I’m not mad at MJ or the organization for anything. I understand it. You have to look at both sides at the end of the day. Could MJ have went over the luxury tax? Yeah, he could have. But why?

“At the end of the day, you have to see both sides of it. That’s what helped me wrap my head around not being around Charlotte anymore. I loved Charlotte. I had to shift my mindset more as free agency got close. I had some priorities and places I wanted to go and didn’t want to go if I didn’t stay in Charlotte, and that’s when Boston even came on the scene.

“It got real, like, ‘Damn, I can really be a Celtic.’”

Walker signed with the Celtics for four-years and $142 million. He’s still going to get paid plenty, and now he has a chance to win something with the Hornets stuck in place.