Kawhi Leonard seen sporting knee wrap months after NBA Finals (PHOTO)


The question about Kawhi Leonard‘s health continued to nag the Toronto Raptors all postseason long. He certainly didn’t look fully healthy in the 2019 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, but that didn’t stop Leonard from winning Toronto’s only NBA championship for the Raptors.

Now Leonard is a part of the Los Angeles Clippers, but that doesn’t mean that he’s fully healthy just yet. It’s August, and Leonard last saw an NBA floor in June. However, in a recent photo posted to social media, Leonard was seen with a wrap still around his left knee.

Via Twitter:

This is where we have to get into #ImNotADoctorBut territory. That certainly looks like Leonard has a type of wrap that would support an injured area. Reports came out in June that Leonard was battling a knee issue after he had to compensate for his quad injury.

Guys are still banged up in the offseason all the time. No doubt Paul George‘s shoulders are still an issue. Zach Collins recently tore some ligaments in his ankle. And it’s not like the Clippers aren’t in for the long haul (well, medium haul) with Leonard.

Still it’s August and you’d like to think Leonard would finally, mercifully be done with his injury concerns. All we can think of now is whether Doc Rivers will have him under load management for a large portion of next season as well.

Maybe once he actually plays a game for L.A. he can take off those Raptors shorts, too.