NCAA creates ridiculous ‘Rich Paul Rule’ for agents, potential NBA prospects


Things are changing in the NCAA, and as per usual, not for the better. In an announcement today, the collegiate organization put forth new rules for the agents potential NBA prospects can sign with as they “test the waters” for the draft.

At their core, these rules appear to be ones aimed at removing guys like Rich Paul from being in the early running to represent NBA players.

It’s… not a great look for the NCAA.

Via Twitter:

There’s thoughts that the NCAA could be mad at Paul for what he did with Darius Bazley. The former Syracuse commit decided to forego college and the G-League for an internship with New Balance, one that pays him $1 million. The internship is also a shoe contract.

Via Marc Stein:

The internship, to be precise, is folded into a handsome shoe contract Bazley, 18, has landed with New Balance on the lure of his pro potential. According to Paul, Bazley’s multiyear deal will pay him $1 million “no matter what happens” with his N.B.A. career — and can pay up to $14 million if he reaches all performance incentives.

Of course, the NCAA doesn’t like it when they aren’t able to extract outsized value from the bodies of young athletes without giving them proper compensation. That Bazley and Paul did as much — cutting the NCAA out of making money off Bazley — apparently angered them.

These rules are ridiculous, and a bald-faced attempt at putting a stop to other players Los Angeles Lakers Star LeBron James wasn’t impressed, and voiced as much on Twitter:

The NCAA is a ridiculous farce.