Sixers will wear incredible 1970s throwbacks next year (PHOTOS)

NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Memphis Grizzlies will be wearing some extra cool mid-1990s uniforms next season. It will coincide with an old-school floor, and in 2020-21 they will wear some classic black Pau Gasol-era throwbacks.

Not to be outdone, the Philadelphia 76ers have decided to wear a retro jersey next season, too.

In 2019-20, Philly will wear some wild, extremely 1970s kits. They harken back to the days of Billy Cunningham and the 1970-71 Sixers, when Dr. Jack Ramsay took the team as far as the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Via Twitter:

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Serena Winters has a great write-up on the inspiration behind the jerseys that you should definitely check out.

Meanwhile, it’s cool that fans are getting a chance to learn about their team’s history through throwbacks like this. Plus, having the “S” on the front work its way into both “seventy” and “sixers” is something that could have only happened in the ‘70s.

Keep these coming.