Grizzlies bringing back retro Vancouver uniforms, floor (VIDEO)


The Vancouver Grizzlies had one of the all-time great jerseys of the 90s. Teal seemed to be a color of that decade, and Vancouver had an abundance of it. Mix in a cartoon bear and some splashes of red and brown, and you had the recipe for something that would look cool at Coachella 15 years later.

It’s the 20th season of the Grizzlies as a franchise, and thus they are bringing back some great old uniforms. According to the team’s Twitter page, they’ll wear the retro mid-90s teal kits next season. In 2020-21, they’ll bring back the early Pau Gasol-era black uniforms as well.

Via Twitter:

The Grizzlies moniker doesn’t really fit for Memphis, but the colorways will remain great forever. Bringing back that court is a pretty cool idea too.

These teams keep trying to capitalize on nostalgia as a driving marketing factor, and let me tell you what, I’m inclined to let them.