Zion Williamson will be surprised to learn of his NBA 2k20 rating (VIDEO)


Player ratings for the NBA 2K video game series are arbitrary. Often times they seem to weigh heavily on factors like shooting or rebounding, giving players a rating in the video game that doesn’t reflect how well they play in real life nor how well you might play with them as a character in the game.

As such, video game ratings are really just part of the weird summer newscycle here in the NBA, which is now an 11-month League. The ratings for most of the players are out by now, and New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson got a rating that surprised even the young man himself.

Williamson’s rating is an 81, and in a video released this week the No. 1 overall pick was seen saying that he would be surprised if he had a rating in the 80s. Obviously a fan of the 2K franchise, Williamson said that most rookies get ratings in the high 70s if they are top picks.

Via Twitter

Williamson might be a hard player to play with as an individual in the game due to his lack of shooting. You might need to be a very skilled NBA 2K player to get the best out of him and to utilize the talents he has as they translate to the limited purview of the game itself.