Rumor: Jeremy Lin turned down contract with CSKA Moscow


Jeremy Lin has been through a bit of a saga this offseason. After winning the championship with the Toronto Raptors this June, Lin finds himself without a team as he heads into his age 31 season.

Lin has been seen getting emotional about what he feels is his rock bottom, and the lack of Interest by NBA teams in his talent. It’s sort of confusing given that Lin would still make a good third point guard, particularly as a player who can run in transition and play in the pick-and-roll.

But still, Lin is without a team and now we know that international squads are getting turned down by the former New York Knicks star.

According to Emiliano Carchia from Sportando, Lin was rumored to have turned down a deal with CSKA Moscow in favor of finding another contract in the NBA.

Via Twitter:

Should Lin be given another chance on an NBA team?

He did play for the league veteran minimum last season, and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t be able to contribute to a team.

Then again, it’s still just July and training camp is far away. We have lots of time for a team to decide that they need his services, or for a player to get injured and for Lin to be brought in as a replacement.