Opposing parent loves LeBron James’ involvement in son’s AAU squad (VIDEO)


Because it’s August in the NBA, everyone has been freaking out one way or another about LeBron James and his involvement in his son’s AAU team.

LeBron could be seen celebrating during his son’s team’s game, which divided people either in favor of James’ support for his son, or as they asked him to politely calm down and stop drawing so much attention to himself.

But according to the father of one of his son’s opponents, everybody orbiting this AAU squad loves LeBron’s involvement.

Speaking to TMZ, Joshua Davis said that LeBron told his son, “‘I hope I’m still in the league when you’re playing.”

Davis said that his son then broke down crying.

Via Twitter:

It’s summer, you guys. Calm down. Drink some White Claw. Hang out. Stop worrying about what LeBron is doing as a father.

The real issue with LeBron’s summer is him doing that stupid accent during his Taco Tuesday videos.