LeBron James dunks in layup line, loses shoe in court-storming celebration at AAU games (video)

Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

LeBron James sure made himself seen while attending AAU games for his son, LeBron James Jr.

The Lakers star got in a layup line and dunked:

He celebrated an alley-oop (not involving his son) by rushing the court, even losing a shoe in his excitement:

As these videos circulated, so did criticism of LeBron.

Most parents acting so rambunctious at a youth game are in the wrong. But most parents aren’t LeBron. Everyone seems to delight in seeing LeBron put on a show.

“Seems to” being an important distinction. As not only the adult, but also the world-famous athlete with a huge platform, LeBron holds the power in this situation. Players on the AAU team have praised LeBron’s involvement. I’m not sure those kids would feel comfortable speaking up if they disliked some of the theatrics, though. It’s on LeBron to consider whether he’s crossing a line.

Maybe he’s just that hungry for attention.

Maybe he purposefully wants to direct the spotlight onto himself for altruistic reasons. LeBron has said he regrets naming Bronny after himself because of the pressure it’d put on the kid. This could be LeBron compensating.

It’s clearly LeBron showing enthusiasm for his son. That’s important to LeBron, whose father wasn’t around while he was growing up. LeBron is involved in his children’s lives.

I have some misgivings about these antics. But there’s nothing clearly wrong here. We ought to give people leeway to parent as they see fit.