Kemba Walker knows Kyrie Irving comparisons will always follow him

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Kemba Walker is the new point guard of the Boston Celtics. Kyrie Irving is with the Brooklyn Nets, and the Charlotte Hornets are likely to return to the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

For now, Boston is in the best position with Walker. They lost Al Horford, but they’re still poised to take on the East at potential ECF challengers. The Nets will probably need to wait a year, and for Kevin Durant to return.

Fans in Massachusetts are going to be glad to swap Irving with Walker, who is slightly less talented but far better suited for leadership and the kind of team building Danny Ainge is trying to do. Still, the Celtics were successful with Irving, whose reputation is still as a playoff killer despite his performance last year.

To that end, Walker knows he’ll always be compared to Irving due to the nature of his taking the Duke product’s place in Boston’s lineup.


“I guess we kind of do similar things. It’s always gonna be that comparison,” Walker said. “I don’t really pay that any mind. I just try to play basketball and win games. That’s really it. Try to win games as much as possible.”

Walker is just as much of a “winner” as Irving, whatever that actually means.

It seemed best for all sides that Irving part ways, and Walker made the right choice leaving Charlotte. That fanbase that didn’t deserve to lose a star, but their ownership group did nothing correct to get him to stay.

Boston will be an interesting watch, and I’m not so sure comparing these two guys is really all that fair. The Celtics will be much different, and Irving only spent two years in Boston. He’s not exactly a Celtics lifer.

Everyone will move on in time.