Wizards GM calls Dwight Howard swap ‘The quickest trade I’ve ever done in my life’


Dwight Howard has been on an endless journey in the NBA for the past few years. He doesn’t seem to stick anywhere, and his time as a useful player seems to have evaporated thanks in large part to his troubles with injuries.

Howard last played with the Washington Wizards, but was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies earlier in July. Where Howard Plays next season is still up for debate, and it’s not clear if any team will be willing to take him on.

Meanwhile, the Wizards have a new general manager in Tommy Sheppard, who had an interesting quote in Adrian Wojnarowski’s most recent article. In it, Sheppard had sort of a backhanded comment about trading Howard.


Leonsis saw the character of his roster start to evolve. Together, Sheppard and Leonsis engaged every day on John Wall‘s Achilles rehabilitation in Florida, watching tape of his work, talking to the franchise point guard and his trainers constantly. They had Bradley Beal in the draft room, talking through the kind of character changes on the roster that would complement the All-Star guard. They moved Dwight Howard out of the organization. (“The quickest trade I’ve ever done in my life,” Sheppard said.)

That sentiment is not really surprising, but the fact that Sheppard voiced it is.

Howard probably isn’t going to be a useful player from here on out, mostly because of his injury concerns. He’s an eight-time All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year. He’s certainly a Hall of Famer. And like with so many greats who play past their primes, it looks like Howard is going to go out without anyone thinking about his former exploits.