Caron Butler says Markelle Fultz is healthy

Cassy Athena/Getty Images

The Magic said they had no idea when Markelle Fultz would play for them.

Caron Butler – whose agent as a player was Raymond Brothers, who also represents Fultz – offered a more encouraging prognosis.

Butler on NBA TV (hat tip: Orlando Magic Podcast)

The guy that no one’s talking about, who’s healthy, who’s working his tale off right now all summer long: Markelle Fultz.

Presumably, Butler’s agent connection gave him first- or at least second-hand insight into Fultz’s progress.

But Brothers also said Fultz would return last season, and the guard never did. At this point, I need to see it to believe it. The word from his agent’s camp isn’t enough.

Fultz’s issues run so deep. Hopefully, he’s healthy and flourishing in workouts. There’s still a gap between that and producing in the spotlight of NBA games.