Report: Grizzlies seeking first-round pick to trade Andre Iguodala

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There’s a game of chicken going on between the Memphis Grizzlies — who traded for the rights to Andre Iguodala as part of a salary dump by the Warriors — and the long list of suitors interested in Iguodala: The Clippers, Lakers, Rockets, Nuggets, Mavericks, among others.

The Grizzlies want a first-round pick for Iguodala, no team has been willing to surrender that. Yet.

So this leak comes out to put a little pressure on the suitors, via Marc Stein of The New York Times.

Not that it’s working.

Other teams likely feel the same way. It’s a game of chicken, with both sides waiting for the other to flinch.

The Grizzlies are unlikely to carry Iguodala into the season, and they are unlikely to get a first-round pick for the 35-year-old role player (even if he is a three-time NBA champion and Finals MVP), but they also are under no rush to get a deal done. They have all summer (and training camp, if they want). The Grizzlies are not just going to waive Iguodala (as these teams are hoping), it likely will come down to a second-round pick or two.

Iguodala will get traded. Where and when are still up in the air as both sides play a waiting game.