LeBron James will wear No. 23 one more season

Getty Images

It was supposed to be a “Welcome to Los Angeles” housewarming gift from LeBron James to Anthony Davis: LeBron was giving up his No. 23 to Davis and going back to the No. 6 he wore in Miami.

Well, he will in 2020.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports broke the story this is going to have to wait a season.

When the Lakers inquired with the league about the jersey change, they were informed the March 15 deadline had past, sources close to the situation told Yahoo Sports. However, the league would have allowed it if the team were able to work it out with Nike, the manufacturer of the jersey, sources said.

But due to production issues and the massive financial hit Nike would have absorbed from the No. 23 James inventory that’s already been produced, Nike could not accommodate the request for this season, sources said.

The switch will happen in the 2020-21 season (technically Davis is a free agent before that season and could leave the Lakers, and if you think that is happening I have a Nigerian Prince that could use a few of your dollars).

It’s not known yet what number Davis will wear next season.