Grayson Allen ejected after back-to-back flagrant fouls (video)


At Duke, Grayson Allen repeatedly tripped opponents. That ignited a national discussion of whether Allen was a good person, dirty player, both or neither. Especially considering his college team, he became a villain – embraced (enabled?) by the Blue Devils and loathed by everyone else.

Allen entered the NBA with a chance for a somewhat fresh start. But beginning his career with the Jazz, he brought similar nonsense to the court.

After being traded to the Grizzlies in the Mike Conley deal, Allen again showed who he is. Allen got ejected from a summer-league game yesterday for flagrantly fouling Celtics rookie Grant Williams twice in succession.

The second flagrant foul was a little strange. Allen caught a lot of ball in what could’ve been a blocked shot. But he also wound up for a swing that doesn’t look like the typical approach for blocking a shot.

Allen deserves no benefit of the doubt.