Spurs reportedly sign Trey Lyles to fill Marcus Morris’ roster spot

Getty Images

Marcus Morris will be a member of the New York Knicks next season.

That left the San Antonio Spurs scrambling because Morris had previously agreed to sign with them. Their answer turns out to be Trey Lyles, and the Spurs officially pulled their offer to Morris to make it happen, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Lyles has shown flashes in Denver of the player they traded for on draft night in 2017 (sending a pick to Utah that became Donovan Mitchell). However, last season Lyles regressed almost across the board, averaging 8.8 points per game on 41.8 percent shooting overall and 25.5 percent from three. More concerning, the Nuggets were -11 per 100 possessions when Lyles and Nikola Jokic shared the court. They just did not mesh.

So the Nuggets move on and the Spurs make a bet that those flashes of a quality power forward can be brought out in a different system.