Report: Heat top Russell Westbrook’s list of preferred destinations

Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Thunder and Heat are reportedly at a stalemate on a Russell Westbrook trade.

One element that could help get a deal done: Westbrook’s interest in Miami.

Brian Windhorst on ESPN2:

From what I understand, he’s supplied a list to the Thunder with a few teams on it, a short list. But the Heat are at the top of it.

The Thunder can trade Westbrook anywhere. He doesn’t hold a no-trade clause. With four years remaining on his contract, he can’t scare off teams by threatening not to re-sign.

But it sounds like they’re working with him. Westbrook has meant so much to the franchise, especially after Kevin Durant left. I believe Oklahoma City would prefer to send him somewhere he wants to go.

What other teams were on Westbrook’s list? That’s the big question, as I’m not convinced the Thunder would prioritize trading Westbrook to his first choice over other approved destinations.

Still, Miami makes a lot of sense if Westbrook traded this summer. If he truly wants to get there, he could pressure Oklahoma City to reduce its demands.