Report: Kawhi Leonard won’t announce decision today, will sign long-term deal

Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

Cris Carter, who’s tight with Kawhi Leonard‘s camp, said to expect an announcement today.

Apparently, that plan has changed.


A long-term deal makes sense for Leonard given his injury history. That also makes the stakes of his free agency even higher. Someone is going to secure one of the NBA’s top players for years. Other teams won’t get another crack at him anytime soon.

The clock is ticking on the Lakers’ cap space. They’re reportedly bound to trade for Anthony Davis tomorrow. That deal becoming official would leave them with well below max cap space. So, if Leonard is still considering the Lakers, he must decide soon.

The Clippers can keep their cap space open, and the Raptors don’t need cap space to re-sign Leonard. Those teams will likely wait as long as Leonard takes.

Which will apparently be at least another day.