Billboard goes up in San Antonio to recruit Boogie Cousins

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The fans in San Antonio — and apparently DeMar DeRozan — are a little different from NBA executives:

They want DeMarcus Cousins.

Coming off two major injuries — a torn Achilles and a torn quad muscle — there has not been much demand for Cousins’ services. DeMar DeRozan reportedly reached out to Cousins to talk about San Antonio. It’s unclear how interested Gregg Popovich and company are in that pairing, but at least someone in San Antonio likes it, and apparently Brooks & Dunn.

Cousins likely would have to take a veteran minimum contract, and the Spurs would need to shuffle to have the roster space, to for this signing to happen. Which is to say, don’t bet on it.

Don’t expect anything to happen until Kawhi Leonard makes his call and shakes out the rest of the market.