Report: Kawhi Leonard not announcing tonight, could take few more days

Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard‘s camp put out word not to expect an announcement soon – a helpful, but still frustratingly vague, leak.

Now, we’re getting a more-concrete timeline.

Jabari Young of The Athletic:

So, we can stand down and enjoy July 4 without fretting about missing anything? This is still a little more open-ended than I’d like. But it does sound like Leonard won’t reveal his decision during the holiday.

The news could leak at any point after Leonard decides, but that seems unlikely with this secretive process.

The two-year part of Young’s update seems to be about refuting Jalen Rose’s report that Leonard will sign a two-year deal with the Raptors. Considering his injury history, Leonard signing a short deal would be somewhat risky. But Rose isn’t the only one who believes it’ll happen.