Report: Rudy Gay to return to Spurs on two-year, $32 million deal


Rudy Gay has had a bit of a career renaissance with the San Antonio Spurs. If anyone needed it in the modern era, it was Gay. The Spurs have turned him into a useful player on both ends of the floor, and a more efficient one.

The past couple of seasons have been very good for Gay, and last year he was one of the best players in spot-up situations according to Synergy. As an offensive player, Gay remains very good, and he’s a meaningful pick-and-roll, post-up, and isolation player for his position.

San Antonio is not a big free agent destination, so keeping players that work within their system is tantamount. To that end, reports surfaced on Sunday that Gay would be signing a two-year, $32 million extension to stay with the Spurs through 2020-21.

Via Twitter:

Gay also remains a useful defender, and his switchability allows him to cover both players in the pick-and-roll with adequacy. His versatility gives San Antonio some “positionless” moxie in a league where teams are moving away from just about everything else the Spurs seem to do.

RC Buford should still have the non-taxpayer exception and the bi-annual exception to utilize this summer after renouncing some other players, so the Spurs aren’t done dealing just yet.