Report: Dwight Powell to sign three-year extension with Mavericks


The Dallas Mavericks will have Dwight Powell for many years to come. The young big man opted into the final year of his current contract with the Dallas Mavericks in July, taking him through the 2019-20 NBA season.

When free agency opens on Sunday, he is expected to sign an extension pushing him through 2022-23.

Via Twitter:

Powell has had a steady ascent over the last three seasons, climbing up in value for the Mavericks. He’s had consecutive record offensive rating seasons in a row, due in part to his ability to shoot well around the rim. Powell shot 70% on 2-pointers last year, and he was in the 99th percentile for overall individual offense according to Synergy.

Powell is an average defender, particularly against the pick-and-roll, but he gives the Mavericks a solid option as a cast member to surround Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic with moving forward.

Everyone wants to make a big fuss about signing a new guy to come to your team, but free agency is also about securing the best players that are already on your roster to ensure franchise success moving forward.