Report: DeMarre Carroll agrees to two-year deal worth $12 million with Spurs


On a day where some players are getting outsized contracts, others are steals for their respective teams.

Guys like Tobias Harris — who got an incredible $180 million — stand in comparison to the one the Portland Trail Blazers are reportedly giving to Rodney Hood. Now, the San Antonio Spurs appear to be bargain hunting as well.

According to multiple reports, the Spurs will sign DeMarre Carroll to a 2-year, $12 million deal. Carroll will take up San Antonio’s mid-level exception and their last guaranteed roster spot.

Via Twitter:

Although he’s aging, Carroll is a good addition to this Spurs team. He’s not going to cost very much, and he was a good spot-up shooter last season, where he saw 40.5 percent of his offensive possessions according to Synergy.

Defense is where Carroll has started to slip, particularly against the pick-and-roll. But it’s likely that Carroll will see a decreased role in San Antonio, and the Spurs have a better defensive system than just about anyone. If there’s a coaching staff that can scheme to hide a player’s weakness there, it’s San Antonio’s.

This isn’t the biggest news of the day, but it is the kind of team building we expect to see from franchises like the Spurs, who are trying to contend in a wide open Western Conference now that Kevin Durant is headed to the Brooklyn Nets.