Kevin Durant will reportedly announce free agency decision on Sunday night

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Kevin Durant is not going to take his time and drag out his decision.

One of the most sought after players in free agency — torn Achilles that sits him a year or not — and a player whose decision will influence a lot of other teams and players, is reportedly going to make his decision Sunday evening on his Boardroom Instagram account, according to multiple reports.

What we don’t know is his choice. Does he stay with the Golden State Warriors and take the money?

Durant also has been linked to both New York teams, most strongly to Brooklyn where he would join Kyrie Irving (a lock to sign with the Nets). He and Jimmy Butler also have been linked as a tandem with the Clippers (although that seems a long shot now).

What Durant chooses could impact the market for Butler and a host of other free agents, and it will leave the teams that miss out looking hard at their Plan B.

At least it’s not going to drag out.