Report: Warriors to offer Klay Thompson max contract

Getty Images

Klay Thompson has made it clear at every turn: If the Warriors offer him a max contract, he’ll re-sign. If they don’t, he’ll consider leaving for the Clippers, Lakers or whichever other team he could use for leverage.

Golden State got the message.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

There’s no guarantee Thompson, who’s 29 and has a torn ACL, will provide positive value throughout this contract. But Golden State absolutely had to offer him it.

He’s a star on a capped-out team trying to contend. The Warriors have no way to adequately replace him. The stakes are enormous, with championships potentially on the line.

And Thompson might be worth all that money. His superb outside shooting should age reasonably well. His defense could slip and still remain effective.

This is a no-brainer offer, and after all his signaling, Thompson will almost assuredly accept it as soon as he can.