Kawhi Leonard’s representatives will meet with Lakers, whoever is in the room

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard, the King of the North and destroyer of dynasties, joining a LeBron James/Anthony Davis superteam on the Lakers seems a little off brand. At least with what we know of Leonard, which is not really all that much.

What matters in Los Angeles: Lakers are going to get to make their pitch. Who is going to make that pitch exactly is a little more complicated, but the Lakers will state their case. Brad Turner and Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times made the first reports.

Leonard apparently wanted a more intimate setting.

One little problem: Magic Johnson doesn’t work for the Lakers anymore. Ramona Shelburne of ESPN has the details.

A few questions we don’t have the answers to:

• Does this meeting include Leonard or (as Turner hinted) just his representatives?

• Is this meeting a 90-minute, show me your Powerpoint, boardroom only pitch; or, is it a three-hour, Frank Vogel is in the room with a whiteboard diagraming how Leonard fits with the Laker on the court, let’s go out to dinner after and get to really know each other meeting?

• How many teams is Leonard meeting with? (We know the Clippers have a meeting set and the Raptors get the last word, but what about the Knicks and others?

• LeBron and Leonard have a relationship, but how much will that really influence Leonard’s decision?

• What does Kawhi Leonard really want?

That last one is the big one, the one we are all speculating about but don’t really know. Leonard is not a guy leaving breadcrumbs on the trail to his state of mind. Internally the Lakers are very confident. I heard from multiple sources dating back to last Summer League — including people who should have an understanding of Leonard’s mindset — that teaming up with LeBron on the Lakers was not his style, not the level of spotlight and chaos he invites into his world, that it would not happen. But none of us really know.

All we know for sure the Lakers are going to get to make their case.