Lou Williams says playing for Raptors made him feel like he was overseas


Lou Williams is the 2019 NBA Sixth Man of the year. The Los Angeles Clippers guard was one of the most exciting players in the league last season. He’s played for six teams, including the Toronto Raptors.

Williams spent just 80 games in Canada, and the Georgia native apparently likes the heat. He didn’t get enough of that in Ontario, and he likes his current digs in L.A. much better.

While speaking to Gilbert Arenas on his “No Chill” podcast, Williams sent some shade Toronto’s way.

Via Twitter:

Was this a way to dig at Toronto, slowly degrading Kawhi Leonard’s opinion of the Raptors? The Clippers are one of the top contenders to land Leonard this summer, and no holds are barred in NBA free agency these days. I think we jumped the shark with fans spending their hard earned money on recruiting billboards.

I don’t think this will work. First, because it’s ridiculous. And second, because I don’t have any clue what will influence Leonard at this point.

Good on him for trying, though.