Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis join LeBron James on set of ‘Space Jam 2’ (VIDEO)


LeBron James is set to star in “Space Jam 2” with a group of NBA buddies, including Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, and Klay Thompson.

The much-hyped second installment of the Michael Jordan-Bugs Bunny vehicle from 1996 has drawn a weary eye from Millennials hoping this movie isn’t just a cash grab for the newly-minted Los Angeles Lakers superstar. LeBron moved to L.A. for reasons outside of basketball, and movies like this are exactly what he was looking for.

Meanwhile, filming has begun as the offseason has arrived. Thanks to TMZ, we now have some sneaky video of players on set during the early stages of the movie.

From what we can make out, Lillard, Davis, and James appear to be wearing blue jerseys with “All-Star” on the front. As for the plot? Nobody knows just yet.

Director Terrence Nance has said that he things the film will “disrupt everything” which is the kind of hyperbolic, grandiose expectations usually bandied by some tech dork introducing an app that does some mundane task like allowing you to share your hand-washing schedule on social media.

Still, kids movies are much better than they were 25 years ago. The original “Space Jam” was a bad movie, executed weirdly. But ever since “Shrek” just about every kids movie is secretly also for parents.

With that in mind, perhaps SJ:2 won’t be as unbearable as the original.