Enes Kanter calls Zion Williamson overrated: ‘He’s Julius Randle with hops’

AP Photo/Scott Threlkeld

Enes Kanter has shown bravery speaking against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Kanter also used his outspokenness to deliver a hot take about No. 1 pick Zion Williamson.

The Herd:


I kind of feel like he’s overhyped. I feel like he’s Julius Randle with hops.

Some players are scared to say it, but you know me. I’m not scared to say anything.

There are two problems with this argument:

1. Julius Randle with hops would be an awesome offensive player. As Randle pointed out, he’s already pretty darn good on that end:

That’s a little unfair. When Randle scored 45 against the Trail Blazers in March, Enes Kanter came off the bench and played just 20 minutes. But that leads to my second point.

2. This comparison gives absolutely no consideration to defense. Unlike Randle, Williamson is a highly impactful defender. The Pelicans rookie covers a lot of ground quickly and elevates amazingly, getting a ton of steals and blocks.

Of course, it’s no surprise Kanter completely disregarded defense.