Toronto Mayor, superfan Nav Bhatia ask Raptors fans to give Kawhi Leonard ‘space’


What is Kawhi Leonard going to do?

Will he stay with the Toronto Raptors and chase another title in a city where he is almost as popular at poutine? Will he come to the Los Angeles Clippers and try to make history with that franchise?

The balance of power in the NBA will swing on that decision. Executives around the NBA want to know what he decides. So do the fans in Toronto — who have been asking him. Directly.

That led Toronto Mayor John Tory and Raptors’ superfan Nav Bhatia to call a press conference and plead with Toronto fans to give Leonard some space. The pair even launched a Web site about it (hat tip Global News).

“To all the fans all over Canada… Let him enjoy his privacy right now with his family. Just leave him alone. Let him enjoy the city. We want him to stay. We are not giving him the space which he deserves to have.”

That might be the nicest, most Canadian thing ever. Throw in a “sorry” and it’s perfect.

Will it work? While it probably isn’t the biggest factor in his decision, the fans in Toronto and his experience in the city do matter. What kind of impact this has on Leonard is impossible to say, just like most things about Leonard.

Expect Leonard to made a decision early in July. Whatever it may be.