Reaction at party to Jordan Bone being drafted is pure joy (VIDEO)

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jordan Bone, the 6’3″ point guard out of Tennessee, was on the bubble to get drafted at all.

He’s was at a party with friends as the draft dragged on, for more than four hours, deep into the second round, and his name had not been called. There were only four picks left. The scene at the party was solemn, an acceptance of reality and a man not achieving his dream, at least in the way he intended.

Then everything changed, NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum went to the podium…

(Warning, there is some NSFW language is in this video.)

That is joy. Unfiltered joy.

Bone was drafted by the Pelicans, who traded the pick to the Pistons. It’s a dream come true.

And it’s just the start of the work. Bone is a long, long way from making the squad, he is more likely a guy destined for a two-way contract and/or a lot of time in the G-League to hone his decision-making skills. It will start in Summer League and continue for years.

But nobody can take that moment away from Bone.