Rockets unveil new uniforms for next season

Courtesy the Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are going to look different next season.

Not just the roster β€” although what that is going to look like is anybody’s guess β€” but the uniforms. Houston unveiled three new looks for next season.

From the official press release:

The red “Icon” and white “Association” jerseys showcase significant changes including a new “Rockets” font, modernized side panels, and the inclusion of black as a core color. The new custom font moves away from the past gothic typeface for a clearer and more streamlined look…

The new “ketchup and mustard” colored “Classic” jersey celebrates 25 seasons since the Rockets went back-to-back after winning the 1994-95 NBA Championship. The colors and design of the uniform are the same as that historic season, but the jersey and shorts will be made with current performance material.

I love the vintage look from the ’90s.

I’m more curious who will be wearing those jerseys next season.