Warriors supply Kevin Durant rally towels as teammates show support (VIDEO)

Marc Spears via Twitter
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Klay Thompson is not the only person who is looking to support Golden State Warriors team made Kevin Durant. For Thursday’s Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, the team has supplied some special rally towels.

Printed on these towels is the phrase “For Oakland”. It is arranged in a way that the K and the D in “Oakland” matches up with each other, showing the initials of Durant.

Meanwhile, both DeMarcus Cousins and Quinn Cook warmed up in shirts honoring Durant.

Via Twitter:

It’s nice that folks are supporting Durant. He gets razzed a lot for being thin-skinned, although that’s the predilection of just about everyone on the internet. We prop up athletes as superhuman, both in their physical abilities but also in our supposition that they should be able to take the abuse of opposing fanbases.

That’s grown harder to do in the social media age, and for a guy who just had a serious injury it’s encouraging that he’s getting support. Like everything with the Warriors, this also carries a slight tinge of desperation as they try to lobby Durant to stay with them past this series, but that’s part of the complexity of KD’s whole thing.

Who knows if Durant will stay? For now, these well wishes appear to be genuine.