Report: Aron Baynes opting in with Celtics

Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Aron Baynes opted out of a $6.5 million salary with the Pistons in 2017 then settled for $4,328,000 from the Celtics.

With a $5,453,280 player option for next season, Baynes isn’t repeating that mistake.

Shams Charania of The Athletic:

Baynes is a big defensive-minded interior presence. If Al Horford leaves, Baynes could even start at center for Boston next season. If Horford stays, Baynes could continue freeing Horford from the physical toll of playing center as often.

In a league overstocked with solid centers, the 32-year-old Baynes doesn’t have the production to stand out from the large crowd. But he’s a solid veteran who fits well.

If he opted out, would he command as large a salary in free agency? Probably not.

But are the Celtics content to have him back at this amount? Probably.