Warriors: Kevin Durant game-time decision for Game 5 of NBA Finals


By not ruling him out the day before, the Warriors already took their Kevin Durant decision closer to the start of any other NBA Finals game.

They’ll apparently take it even closer to the limit for tonight’s Game 5.

Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area:

I really can’t see Golden State – with frustration festering – sitting Durant again. That’d be so deflating.

Durant’s return probably won’t be enough. But it might be! That’s what makes this so intriguing.

Durant is a superstar when healthy. He can defend Kawhi Leonard, allowing Draymond Green to make a larger impact as a help defender. Durant unlocks the Warriors’ death lineup by giving them enough quality wings to slide Green to center.

That’s why, as likely as it now appears Durant will play, there’s still plenty of anticipation for an announcement tonight.