Kawhi Leonard on idea of winning one game at Oracle: ‘F*** that, let’s go get them both’

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It was one of the legitimate questions of these NBA Finals: How would Toronto bounce back from a Game 2 loss at home?

We look back now knowing they took on Kawhi Leonard‘s demeanor, were unfazed, then went and took two at Oracle Arena to take a 3-1 series lead. But after Game 2, Nurse wanted to pick up and motivate his team after a loss and tried to put a positive spin on what was ahead.

“I said it in the locker room, trying to kind of not make it feel so bad, that we just lost a home game in the Finals. I was like, all we got to do is go get one, that’s maybe not an insurmountable challenge to go out there and get one.

“And Kawhi said, ‘f*** that, let’s go get them both.'”

Leonard is a monster.

This Raptors’ team has adapted his business-like mindset, which is going to make it hard for the Warriors to pick up Game 3 in Toronto Monday night. Let alone two more after that.