After Damon Jones tries to roast him, Richard Jefferson: This is why he got soup thrown on him

Jason Miller/Getty Images
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In 2007-08, the Nets went 34-48 then traded Richard Jefferson to the Bucks for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons that offseason. New Jersey went 34-48 the next year then 12-70 the following year.

Appearing on ESPN, Jefferson was telling the story of getting dealt when Damon Jones interrupted:


Guess what? The Nets got better.


J.R. Smith infamously threw soup on Jones, who was a Cavaliers assistant coach. Jefferson also played for Cleveland while Jones worked there.


Jefferson wasn’t having it:


Oh shut up, Damon Jones.

I do not accept the apology. Not from him.

I honestly can’t tell whether this is kayfabe. But it’s definitely great content.