Report: Warriors want Klay Thompson to sit Game 3; he’s pushing to play

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Klay Thompson oversimplified his hamstring injury entering Game 3 of the NBA Finals: “If there’s any pain, it will be a no-go just because of the position we’re in. This could be a longer series, so there’s no point in trying to go out there and re-aggravate it and potentially keep myself out of the whole entire Finals instead of just one game.”

Of course Thompson can play through some pain. The big question: How much? Because the risk of re-aggravation is very real, and if Thompson favors his left leg, that increases his vulnerability.

Apparently, Thompson remains in a gray area.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

Thompson is tough and competitive. Of course he wants to play.

But with Kevin Durant also out for Game 3, the Warriors might just not push too hard tonight. They’ll have better chances later in the series.

Still, even if Thompson is sidelined, don’t write off Golden State tonight. Steph & Depth can work, though the Warriors losing another star would obviously improve the Raptors’ odds.