Another report says Kyrie Irving’s chances of staying in Boston ‘low’

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Kyrie Irving is one of the lynchpins of summer free agency, a big name and All-NBA point guard whose decision on where to play next — Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, stay in Boston — will have ripple effects with other free agents and throughout the league.

Nobody knows what Irving will do next — and if you think he has made up his mind and couldn’t change it in the next 25 days you have not paid attention to Irving and his career. Everything is on the table.

Except maybe a return to Boston, reports Ian Begley of SNY Sports.

…in recent days, people around Irving have described the probability of him returning to Boston as a free agent as low. Those around Irving also said recently that he hasn’t ruled out teams — including the Knicks — as possible destinations for him this summer, per SNY sources.

Plenty of Celtics fans would be happy to see him go — Irving has been the scapegoat for far more complex chemistry issues on that team — but it changes the Celtics path if he leaves.

Boston has reportedly understood Irving is looking to get out and is looking at its options, such as building around Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. No Irving would likely impact Boston’s pursuit of Anthony Davis via trade (if not end it, likely alter what they would put in an offer).

Rumors of Irving and Kevin Durant teaming up on the Knicks have been floating around the NBA all season, growing very strong at times. Durant also has been linked to the Clippers, or he could stay with the Warriors, what Irving wants to do could impact Durant’s decision (and vice versa).

Stephen A. Smith has been saying on ESPN the Nets are the frontrunners to land Irving, and we know they are interested in him. Brooklyn also could create the cap space to get Durant and have the players/picks to make a strong offer for Anthony Davis.

Irving has been linked to LeBron James and the Lakers, although I have heard from sources that is a longshot.

The questions are, what does Irving really want? Which way is he leaning now? More importantly, which way will he lean when July 1 hits?

Nobody has that answer right now. Maybe not even Irving himself.