Rumor: Kawhi Leonard bought property in Toronto

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
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Kawhi Leonard, according to one report, will re-sign with the Raptors on a short-term deal.

Here’s corroborating evidence.

Michael Landsberg of TSN:

What we’ve heard is that he’s purchased a property in Toronto.

We’ve heard this now from two different sources, indicating that there’s something there.

A player buying a house in a certain market is a classic free-agency rumor. It’s often untrue.

Sometimes, it’s true but misconstrued. Players sometimes live somewhere other than where their team is located.

But Leonard probably didn’t buy a property in Toronto unless he’s re-signing with the Raptors. He’s not leaving for the Clippers then spending his offseasons in Toronto.

Did Leonard actually buy a place in Toronto? I don’t know. But the possibility of this report being true is intriguing. These tidbits can reveal a player’s plan.

After hearing this, I’d nudge the odds of Leonard re-signing slightly higher. But this still remains a great unknown.