Cody Zeller starts lemonade stand to raise cash for Kemba Walker’s new contract


Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker is now eligible for the super-max. It appears that the team would like to keep him in North Carolina for the foreseeable future, but Walker is sure to have other suitors this summer.

Walker has already said that the Hornets are his first priority, but the details of his contract will decide whether he ultimately ends up staying in Mecklenburg County. To that end, teammates Cody Zeller is already trying to do what he can to convince Walker to stay.

On social media this week, Zeller posted a photo of him running a “lemonade stand” to raise money for Walker’s new contract.

Via Twitter:

The most logical reason for Walker to leave his situation in Charlotte is for a better chance at winning. The Hornets have been unable to put together a front office plan that benefits the scoring guard enough in the postseason. That’s particularly worrying given that the Eastern Conference is not the most difficult place to make the playoffs.

It seems like Walker would like to see some kind of guarantees by the front office staff about their plan for the future before signing. Then again, maybe he just takes the cash because it’s a giant, crazy amount of money.